Tap into the Powerful Network of LinkedIn

Tue 06th Oct, 2020 – 2:00pm–3:30pm

Posted by APA Atlanta Director




FREE to APA Members, 20.00 for Non- Members


Build your brand, attract your next client, and grow your network!

How is your LinkedIn* profile these days?

If you are like many creatives, LinkedIn may be the least used promotional platform in your wheelhouse. Maybe it's because you find it confusing or don't understand its relevancy. If you are ignoring LinkedIn, you are missing out on a powerful tool full of opportunities to connect with people in a position to hire you for their next shoot.

Amy Osburn is a Creative Director with decades of experience in the industry. She has relied on LinkedIn to help her reach clients with efficiency and directness. In this workshop, Amy will give you an inside look at how to use the platform strategically and join the business conversations that lead to work.

•    Creating a dynamic profile that represents you. "Pimp your profile!"

•    Reaching out to the individuals you aspire to work with, and how to entice them to connect.

•    How to find your next lead

•    Responding to new connections with ease

•    Using your feed to post personalized content, engage with others, and find meaningful connections

*Please note this webinar is NOT affiliated with LinkedIn and is only to offer guidance to enhance your LinkedIn presence.