Dynamic Duos: Becoming and Making It As a Photo Duo

Sat 25th Feb, 2023 – 2:00pm–5:00pm

Posted by APA Atlanta Director

Switchyards Downtown Club
151 Ted Turner Drive Northwest,
Atlanta, GA, 30303


APA Members and Students (must show Student ID at check-in): $15.00
Non-Members: $25.00


APA Atlanta is excited to present Dynamic Duos: Becoming and Making It As a Photo Duo –– an afternoon with speakers AB+DM (Ahmad Barber and Donte Maurice) and Tropico Photo (Forrest Aguar and Michelle Norris) moderated by business woman and producer Sienna Brown. We are extra thrilled to mention that the entire panel studied and is based here in Atlanta. Join us for an insightful conversation on the journey to becoming and making it as a successful photography team in today's industry. Both duos, although different types of shooters, share much common ground and will talk us through the beginnings of their career, challenges faced along the way, honing in on a style/brand, their creative approach, and much more. 

Read more about our speakers and moderator below.

AB+DM - Speaker

AB+DM is an African-American fashion photography duo who’s work gives an endearing approach to fashion and portraiture. Formed in 2018, Ahmad Barber and Donté Maurice merged their vision of stirring portraits, dynamic movement and colorful fashion images to create a beautiful world of their own.

Tropico Photo - Speaker

Tropico Photo is the collaborative work of Forrest Aguar and Michelle Norris. The two met in the photography program at the University of Georgia in 2011 and have since transplanted to Atlanta where they live and sometimes work. Forrest loves pairing shapes and lines to create captivating compositions and Michelle loves seeking out compelling color combinations. Together, they make work that draws on the feeling of an ambiguous time and place where art and advertising collide. Travel and Beauty are their greatest shared loves.

Sienna Brown - Moderator

Sienna Brown is a business woman, producer and artist based in Atlanta who prides herself on living every day as though it's her last. Moving from city to city as child taught Sienna the preservation of culture and the importance embracing life as a multifaceted artist. From event production to music videos and creative production, there's never a boring moment. Having worked with brands like Coach, Hendrick's Gin, Quality Control, Nike, The Soho House, and Black Lives Matter, she has a knack for great branding and authentic storytelling. Most recently she has created her own beauty brand Glosshood, which has been snowballing in the beauty world ever since its release in October 2020.