APA Atlanta Stands in Solidarity

Fri 05th Jun, 2020

Posted by APA Atlanta Director

American Photographic Artists (APA) stands in solidarity in the fight against racism and injustice.  We acknowledge that we can be doing more. We have taken the step of creating a National Diversity Committee. Our commitment to diversify our leadership at the local chapter level is ongoing- if you are interested in being a board member or have suggestions for how we can improve our commitment to diversity, we want to hear from you. 


We know that there are inherent risks in photographing demonstrations. There has also been much discussion as to the appropriate actions when posting, sharing, or selling photo of these protests.  We are not dictating how you cover the events or what you do with the images. However, we would like you to consider the concerns around safety for you and for the other protestors.

We encourage you to follow these guidelines:

•    Do No Harm: Photographing Police Brutality and Protests  
•    Guide to Ethically Covering Protests 
•    NPPA : How to stay safe while working on the street 
•    ACLU: Know your Rights When Photographing a Protest
•    Wired: How to Safely Protest, What to Bring, What to Avoid, and What to do


•    Authority Collective list of Resources for Photographers and Beyond on Anti-Racism  

•    Support Photographers of Color

•    Resources to Support Protests and Communities Against Police Violence

•    Art for Social Justice Fund 


•    Friday, June 5th 12pm EDT     
Photoshelter Safety for Photojournalists Attending Protests: A Panel Discusssion with Akili Ramsess, Harlo Holmes and Frank Smyth

•    Friday, June 5th 12pm ED
 Adweek: A State of Revolt

•    Friday, June 5   3PM EDT
ASMP: From 1968 – 2020 America at a Crossroads 

•    Watch AdAge: BET President on Media’s Role to Effect Social Change